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New Zealand Cricketers Salary 2024: How Much Do New Zealand Cricket Players Get Paid?

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It is said that in New Zealand, cricket is more than a simple sport. An entire way of life full of passion, dedication, and a sense of identity. The New Zealand cricket team has enjoyed a wide range of success worldwide. As its athletes are recognized for their skill and sporting sagacity. Check New Zealand Cricketers Salary 2024: How Much Do Players Get Paid?

Many fans ask about the salary of their favorite cricket players. Since there is an interesting financial side to the sport that takes place under the hood, let’s look at the financial facets associated with New Zealand cricket players, including retainers, match fees, and top-paying players.

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New Zealand Cricket Upcoming Schedule 2024


February 4, 2024First TestBay Oval, Tauranga
February 13, 2024Second TestSeddon Park, Hamilton


February 21, 2024First T20ISky Stadium, Wellington
February 23, 2024Second T20IEden Park, Auckland
February 25, 2024Third T20IEden Park, Auckland
February 29, 2024First TestCello Basin Reserve, Wellington
March 8, 2024Second TestHagley Oval, Christchurch

New Zealand Cricketers Salary 2024

New Zealand cricketers receive match cash in addition to retainers in exchange for participating for their country in various tournaments. Test format, One Day International (ODI), and Twenty20 International (T20I) matches have varying match prices. The players will get an amount of USD 6,600 (NZD 10,250) for each Test match.

New Zealand Cricket Salary: How Much Do Players Get Paid?

The match will cost 2,500 dollars (NZD 4,000) for ODIs and USD 1,607 NZD $2,500  for T20Is. These match fees reflect players’ contributions on the field and increase their revenue. Several players from the following have received central contracts by New Zealand Cricket for the 2024 season.

New Zealand Cricketer Salary for ODIs

Cricketers NamesContract TypesSalary in US Dollars (USD)Salary in Indian Rupees (INR)Salary in New Zealand Dollar (NZD)
Finn Allencentral contracts2,500207,725.88
Ajaz Patelcentral contracts2,500207,725.88 4,236,57
Tom Blundellcentral contracts2,500 207,725.88 4,236,57
Devon Conwaycentral contracts2,500 207,725.88 4,236,57
Michael Bracewellcentral contracts2,500 207,725.88 4,236,57
Matt Henrycentral contracts2,500 207,725.884,236,57
Mark Chapmancentral contracts2,500 207,725.88 4,236,57
Lockie Fergusoncentral contracts2,500 207,725.88 4,236,57
Kyle Jamiesoncentral contracts2,500 207,725.88 4,236,57
Tom Lathamcentral contracts2,500 207,725.884,236,57
Adam Milnecentral contracts2,500207,725.884,236,57
Daryl Mitchellcentral contracts2,500207,725.884,236,57
Henry Nichollscentral contracts2,500 207,725.88 4,236,57
Glenn Phillipscentral contracts2,500207,725.88 4,236,57
Mitchell Santnercentral contracts2,500207,725.88 4,236,57
Tim Southeecentral contracts2,500 207,725.88 4,236,57
Ish Sodhicentral contracts2,500 207,725.88 4,236,57
Neil Wagnercentral contracts2,500 207,725.88 4,236,57
Blair Ticknercentral contracts2,500207,725.88 4,236,57
Kane Williamsoncentral contracts2,500 207,725.88 4,236,57

New Zealand Cricketer Salary for Test:

Cricketers NamesContract TypesSalary in US Dollars (USD)Salary in Indian Rupees (INR)Salary in New Zealand Dollar (NZD)
Finn Allencentral contracts6,600 548396.3111184.54
Ajaz Patelcentral contracts6,600548396.3111184.54
Tom Blundellcentral contracts6,600548396.3111184.54
Devon Conwaycentral contracts6,600548396.3111184.54
Michael Bracewellcentral contracts6,600548396.3111184.54
Matt Henrycentral contracts6,600 548396.3111184.54
Mark Chapmancentral contracts6,600 548396.3111184.54
Lockie Fergusoncentral contracts6,600 548396.3111184.54
Kyle Jamiesoncentral contracts6,600548396.3111184.54
Tom Lathamcentral contracts6,600548396.3111184.54
Adam Milnecentral contracts6,600548396.3111184.54
Daryl Mitchellcentral contracts6,600548396.3111184.54
Henry Nichollscentral contracts6,600548396.3111184.54
Glenn Phillipscentral contracts6,600 548396.3111184.54
Mitchell Santnercentral contracts6,600548396.3111184.54
Tim Southeecentral contracts6,600548396.3111184.54
Ish Sodhicentral contracts6,600548396.3111184.54
Neil Wagnercentral contracts6,600548396.3111184.54
Blair Ticknercentral contracts6,600548396.3111184.54
Kane Williamsoncentral contracts6,600548396.3111184.54

New Zealand Cricketer Salary for T20Is:

Cricketers NamesContract TypesSalary in US Dollars (USD)Salary in Indian Rupees (INR)Salary in New Zealand Dollar (NZD)
Finn Allencentral contracts1,607 133526.19 2723.27
Ajaz Patelcentral contracts 1,607 133526.19 2723.27
Tom Blundellcentral contracts1,607 133526.19 2723.27
Devon Conwaycentral contracts1,607 133526.19 2723.27
Michael Bracewellcentral contracts1,607 133526.19 2723.27
Matt Henrycentral contracts1,607 133526.19 2723.27
Mark Chapmancentral contracts1,607 133526.192723.27
Lockie Fergusoncentral contracts 1,607 133526.19 2723.27
Kyle Jamiesoncentral contracts1,607 133526.19 2723.27
Tom Lathamcentral contracts1,607 133526.19 2723.27
Adam Milnecentral contracts1,607 133526.19 2723.27
Daryl Mitchellcentral contracts1,607 133526.19 2723.27
Henry Nichollscentral contracts1,607 133526.19 2723.27
Glenn Phillipscentral contracts1,607 133526.19 2723.27
Mitchell Santnercentral contracts1,607 133526.19 2723.27
Tim Southeecentral contracts1,607 133526.19 2723.27
Ish Sodhicentral contracts1,607 133526.19 2723.27
Neil Wagnercentral contracts1,607 133526.19 2723.27
Blair Ticknercentral contracts1,607 133526.19 2723.27
Kane Williamsoncentral contracts1,607 133526.19 2723.27

New Zealand’s highest-paid cricketer Salary:

Kane Williamson was the most lucrative New Zealand cricketer after factoring in central contracts and match fees. This signifies the Kiwi captain’s exceptional ability and leadership skills.

The financial situation New Zealand cricketers face offers an interesting glimpse into the importance of their skills and dedication to the sport. Retainers and match fees offer them the security of money and reward for their work on the field.

These financial incentives will inspire players to put in their best and continue to represent New Zealand with pride around the globe while the game continues to grow in this nation. Besides their achievements, New Zealand cricketers’ salaries reflect the country’s millions of cricket enthusiasts love and love.

Cricketers NamesSalary in US Dollars (USD)Salary in Indian Rupees (INR)Salary in NZ USD
Kane Williamson 308855.5525662951.88 523,396


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