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Coupe de France Winners List of all Seasons including 2024 Season: Most Popular Teams

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Coupe de France Winners List: The French Football Federation (FFF) hosts the Coupe de France, the country’s top knockout cup tournament. It might be challenging for the larger teams to win the Coupe de France when combined with random draws and one-off games (no replays). Since higher-ranked teams—often professional clubs—are forced to play as the opponent when drawn against lower-league opponents if they are contesting more than one level below them, the tournament is typically advantageous to amateur clubs.

The French President gives the award to the captain of the winning team every year. Thirty-four clubs have won the trophy as of 2023; Paris Saint-Germain has the most wins with fourteen wins. Saint-Étienne has six, while Marseille has 10, following them in order. Toulouse, who won the 2023 title by defeating Nantes 5-1, are the current winners.

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Coupe de France Winners List of All Seasons

The championship was first held in 1919. Amateur clubs usually benefit from the Coupe de France. For instance, when playing a team that is more than one tier below a lower-league rival, higher-ranked teams are required to play as the away side. Only three amateur teams, nevertheless, have advanced to the final round.

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Coupe de France Winners List

French elite and amateur teams can enter the competition, which takes place from March to May. From the first round to the final, which is held at the Stade de France, teams are drawn against one another in a straight knockout type lasting 14 rounds. Many clubs find it tough to win the championship, although Paris Saint-Germain has the most titles among these clubs with fourteen wins. So, below is the list of all seasons:

5 May 1918FC LyonOlympique de PantinRue Olivier-de-Serres
6 April 1919Olympique de PantinCASG ParisParc des Princes
9 May 1920Le HavreCA ParisStade Pershing
24 April 1921Olympique de PantinRed StarStade Pershing
7 May 1922RennesRed StarStade Pershing
6 May 1923SèteRed StarStade Pershing
13 April 1924SèteMarseilleStade Pershing
26 April 1925FC RouenCASG ParisColombes
10 May 1925CASG ParisFC RouenColombes
9 May 1926AS ValentigneyMarseilleColombes
6 May 1927US QuevillyMarseilleColombes
6 May 1928CA ParisRed StarColombes
5 May 1929SèteMontpellierColombes
27 April 1930RC ParisSèteColombes
3 May 1931MontpellierClub FrançaisColombes
24 April 1932RC RoubaixCannesColombes
7 May 1933RC RoubaixExcelsior Athlétic Club de RoubaixColombes
6 May 1934MarseilleSèteColombes
5 May 1935RennesMarseilleColombes
3 May 1936FCO Charleville (Level 2)RC ParisColombes
9 May 1937StrasbourgFC SochauxColombes
8 May 1938MetzMarseilleParc des Princes
14 May 1939LilleRC ParisColombes
5 May 1940MarseilleRC ParisParc des Princes
25 May 1941SC FivesGirondins de BordeauxSaint-Ouen
17 May 1942SèteRed StarColombes
9 May 1943BordeauxMarseilleColombes
22 May 1943MarseilleBordeauxColombes
7 May 1944ÉF Reims-ChampagneÉF Nancy-LorraineParc des Princes
6 May 1945LilleRC ParisColombes
26 May 1946Red StarLilleColombes
11 May 1947StrasbourgLilleColombes
10 May 1948Lens (Level 2)LilleColombes
8 May 1949LilleRC ParisColombes
14 May 1950RC ParisReimsColombes
6 May 1951Valenciennes (Level 2)StrasbourgColombes
4 May 1952BordeauxNiceColombes
31 May 1953FC NancyLilleColombes
23 May 1954MarseilleNiceColombes
29 May 1955BordeauxLilleColombes
27 May 1956AS Troyes-SavinienneCS SedanColombes
26 May 1957AngersToulouseColombes
18 May 1958NîmesReimsColombes
3 May 1959SochauxLe Havre (Level 2)Colombes
18 May 1959   
15 May 1960Saint-ÉtienneMonacoColombes
7 May 1961NîmesCS SedanColombes
13 May 1962FC NancySaint-ÉtienneColombes
12 May 1963LyonMonacoColombes
23 May 1963LyonMonacoParc des Princes
10 May 1964BordeauxLyonColombes
23 May 1965CS SedanRennesParc des Princes
26 May 1965CS SedanRennesParc des Princes
22 May 1966NantesStrasbourgParc des Princes
21 May 1967SochauxLyonParc des Princes
12 May 1968BordeauxSaint-ÉtienneColombes
18 May 1969BordeauxMarseilleColombes
31 May 1970NantesSaint-ÉtienneColombes
20 June 1971LyonRennesColombes
4 June 1972BastiaMarseilleParc des Princes
17 June 1973NantesLyonParc des Princes
8 June 1974MonacoSaint-ÉtienneParc des Princes
14 June 1975LensSaint-ÉtienneParc des Princes
12 June 1976LyonMarseilleParc des Princes
18 June 1977ReimsSaint-ÉtienneParc des Princes
13 May 1978NiceNancyParc des Princes
16 June 1979Auxerre (Level 2)NantesParc des Princes
7 June 1980Orléans (Level 2)MonacoParc des Princes
13 June 1981Saint-ÉtienneBastiaParc des Princes
15 May 1982Saint-ÉtienneParis Saint-GermainParc des Princes
11 June 1983NantesParis Saint-GermainParc des Princes
11 May 1984MonacoMetzParc des Princes
8 June 1985Paris Saint-GermainMonacoParc des Princes
30 April 1986MarseilleBordeauxParc des Princes
10 June 1987MarseilleBordeauxParc des Princes
11 June 1988Sochaux (Level 2)MetzParc des Princes
10 June 1989MonacoMarseilleParc des Princes
2 June 1990RC ParisMontpellierParc des Princes
8 June 1991MarseilleMonacoParc des Princes
1992Disaster at the stadium in Bastia  
12 June 1993NantesParis Saint-GermainParc des Princes
14 May 1994MontpellierAuxerreParc des Princes
13 May 1995StrasbourgParis Saint-GermainParc des Princes
4 May 1996Nîmes (Level 3)AuxerreParc des Princes
10 May 1997GuingampNiceStade de France
2 May 1998LaensParis Saint-GermainStade de France
15 May 1999Sedzan (Level 2)NantesStade de France
7 May 2000Calais RUFC (Level 4)NantesStade de France
26 May 2001Amiens (Level 3)StrasbourgStade de France
11 May 2002BastiaLorientStade de France
31 May 2003Paris Saint-GermainAuxerreStade de France
29 May 2004LB Châteauroux (Level 2)Paris Saint-GermainStade de France
4 June 2005CS Sedan (Level 2)AJ AuxerreStade de France
29 April 2006MarseilleParis Saint-GermainStade de France
12 May 2007MarseilleSochauxStade de France
24 May 2008Paris Saint-GermainLyonStade de France
9 May 2009RennesGuingamp (Level 2)Stade de France
1 May 2010MonacoParis Saint-GermainStade de France
14 May 2011Paris Saint-GermainLilleStade de France
28 April 2012US Quevilly (Level 3)LyonStade de France
31 May 2013EvianBordeauxStade de France
3 May 2014RennesGuingampStade de France
30 May 2015Auxerre (Level 2)Paris Saint-GermainStade de France
21 May 2016MarseilleParis Saint-GermainStade de France
27 May 2017AngersParis Saint-GermainStade de France
8 May 2018Les Herbiers (Level 3)Paris Saint-GermainStade de France
27 April 2019Paris Saint-GermainRennesStade de France
24 July 2020Saint-ÉtienneParis Saint-GermainStade de France
19 May 2021MonacoParis Saint-GermainStade de France
7 May 2022NiceNantesStade de France
29 April 2023NantesToulouseStade de France

Coupe de France: Most Popular Team

With 14 victories, Paris Saint-Germain is one of the most challenging and successful teams. It is a professional football team that is situated in the French capital, Paris. Since football is a physically demanding game, their club is made up of strong players. Following PSG in the battle is Marseille, who has won the championship ten times. They make sure to put in their all to win the championship.

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