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Italian Serie A Winners List of all Seasons (Year 1898 to 2023)

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The Italian football champions are the yearly victors of Serie A, Italy’s head football association contest. Napoli is the ongoing boss, while Juventus have come out on top for a record 36 championships. Check the Italian Serie A Winners List of all Seasons.

The first time the Scudetto, also known as scudetto, plural, “little shield” When Genoa won its ninth championship in 1924, they wore a shield on their shirt to show their appreciation and celebrate their victory. Four teams, three from Turin and one from Genoa competed in the first Italian Football Championship’s finals.

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Italian Serie A Details:

Italian Serie A Organising bodyLega Serie A
Italian Serie A Founded in 1898 almost 125 years
1929; almost 94 years
Italian Serie A CountryItaly
Italian Serie A Confederation by UEFA
Italian Serie A participate Number of teams20
Italian Serie A Current champions cupNapoli 
Italian Serie A Most championships cups Juventus 
Italian Serie A Websitelegaseriea.it

Serie A Winners List – the Year 1898 to 2023

Juventus started to overwhelm all through the 1970s and mid-1980s with nine Scudetti in fifteen seasons while the 1990s saw Milan come to unmistakable quality. The 2006 Italian football scandal. It involved alleged widespread match-fixing involving league champion Juventus. Other major teams like Milan, Fiorentina, Lazio, and Reggina, dealt another blow to Serie A.

Year Italian Serie A WinnerItalian Serie A Runner- Up
2021-22AC MilanInter Milan
2020-21Inter MilanAC Milan
2019-20JuventusInter Milan
2016-17JuventusAS Roma
2014-15JuventusAS Roma
2013-14JuventusAS Roma
2011-12JuventusAC Milan
2010-11AC MilanInter Milan
2009-10Inter MilanAS Roma
2008-09Inter MilanJuventus
2007-08Inter MilanAS Roma
2006-07Inter MilanAS Roma
2005-06Inter MilanAS Roma
2003-04AC MilanAS Roma
2002-03JuventusInter Milan
2001-02JuventusAS Roma
2000-01AS RomaJuventus
1998-99AC MilanLazio
1997-98JuventusInter Milan
1995-96AC MilanJuventus
1993-94AC MilanJuventus
1992-93AC MilanInter Milan
1991-92AC MilanJuventus
1990-91SampdoriaAC Milan
1989-90NapoliAC Milan
1988-89Inter MilanNapoli
1987-88AC MilanNapoli
1985-86JuventusAS Roma
1983-84JuventusAS Roma
1982-83AS RomaJuventus
1980-81JuventusAS Roma
1979-80Inter MilanJuventus
1978-79AC MilanPerugia
1972-73JuventusAC Milan
1971-72JuventusAC Milan
1970-71Inter MilanAC Milan
1969-70CagliariInter Milan
1967-68AC MilanNapoli
1966-67JuventusInter Milan
1965-66Inter MilanBologna
1964-65Inter MilanAC Milan
1963-64BolognaInter Milan
1962-63Inter MilanJuventus
1961-62AC MilanInter Milan
1960-61JuventusAC Milan
1958-59AC MilanFiorentina
1956-57AC MilanFiorentina
1955-56FiorentinaAC Milan
1954-55AC MilanUdinese
1953-54Inter MilanJuventus
1952-53Inter MilanJuventus
1951-52JuventusAC Milan
1950-51AC MilanInter Milan
1949-50JuventusAC Milan
1948-49TorinoInter Milan
1947-48TorinoAC Milan
1944-45suspendedWorld War II
1941-42AS RomaTorino
1940-41BolognaAmbrosiana ‘Inter’
1939-40Ambrosiana ‘Inter’Bologna
1937-38Ambrosiana ‘Inter’Juventus
1935-36BolognaAS Roma
1934-35JuventusAmbrosiana ‘Inter’
1933-34JuventusAmbrosiana ‘Inter’
1932-33JuventusAmbrosiana ‘Inter’
1930-31JuventusAS Roma
1929-30Ambrosiana SSGenova 1893
1928FBC TorinoGenoa
1927FBC Torino (revoked)Bologna
1926FBC JuventusAlba Roma
1925Bologna FBCAlba Roma
1924Genoa FBCAC Savoia
1923Genoa FBCLazio
1922 CCIUS Pro VercelliFortitudo Roma
1922 FIGCUS NoveseSampierdarenese
1921US Pro VercelliPisa
1920FBC InternazionaleLivorno
1918-19suspendedWorld War I
1917-18suspendedWorld War I
1916-17suspendedWorld War I
1915Genoa FBC(FIGC awarded the title)
1913Pro VercelliLazio
1912Pro VercelliVenezia
1911Pro VercelliVicenza
1910FBC InternazionalePro Vercelli
1909Pro VercelliUS Milanese
1908Pro VercelliUS Milanese
1907Milan FBCFBC Torino
1906Milan FBCFBC Juventus
1905FBC JuventusGenoa FBC
1904Genoa FBCFBC Juventus
1903Genoa FBCFBC Juventus
1902Genoa FBCMilan Cricket & FBC
1901Milan Cricket & FBCGenoa FBC
1900Genoa FBCFBC Torinese
1899Genoa Cricket & Athletic ClubFBC Internazionale
1898Genoa Cricket & Athletic ClubFBC Internazionale

The title was chosen utilizing a takeout design between the finalists. With Genoa, the debut champs. Until the 1909–10 season. The knockout format was in use. It turned into a public rivalry in 1929 with the underpinning of Serie An and Serie B.

The post-war years were overwhelmed by a Torino side. It is known as Il Grande Torino (“The Incomparable Torino”). This group found a sensational end in the Superga air catastrophe in 1949. With the assistance of Swedish striker Gunnar Nordahl, Serie A’s leading scorer (Italian: ), Milan gradually emerged in the 1950s. Capocannonieri) throughout five of the six seasons.

The FIGC decided that Juventus would lose their title. It is relegated to Serie B, and begin the season with a nine-point deficit. Relegation and points loss affected the other clubs in the same way.

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