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Top 5 UFC Fighters of all time in the World

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A definitive Fighting Championship (UFC) was laid out in 1993. However, it was only after 2001, when Dana White became president, that the association turned out to be notable. Boxing was once the top sport for combat, but today, the UFC is the king of the hill. Check out the Top 5 UFC Fighters of all time in the world.

Let us see the top5 UFC fighters who have worn the sought-after UFC gloves. With the titles of heavyweight and light heavyweight champions. UFC Fighters became the fighters in the history of the UFC. Also, Check the Top 5 Hottest Female WWE Wrestlers in the World Right Now.

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 Top 5 UFC Fighters of all time in the World

These UFC Fighters are lightning-quick takedowns. They have ground-and-pound style, and absolutely crushed his rivals, making him an extraordinary grappler.

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The UFC Fighters won the championship at welterweight. In the UFC they have achieved so much at a time to remember since they had reached the peak of their career. This MMA group regards them as the leading figure in establishing the UFC in the world.

5. Randy Couture

NicknameCaptain America
Date of Birth22 June 1963
Age59 years
Birth placeEverett, Washington
Country United States
Education and schoolNot Available
Height1.85 m
Weight104 Kg
Family DetailsNot Available

Randy Couture is regarded as one of the greatest fighters ever competing in the UFC. Who was the first to win championships in two weight classes before BJ Penn did it? At the age of 16, Couture also holds the record for most titles in a single fight. He could easily shift between the heavyweight and light heavyweight classes. It utilized his top-of-the-line grappling skills to crush most of his adversaries.

4. Daniel Cormier

Date of Birth20 March 1979
Age44 years
Birth placeLafayette, Louisiana
Country United States
Education and schoolNot Available
Height1.75 m
Weight114 Kg
Family DetailsNot Available

Cormier is widely believed to be one of the best fighters ever to fight inside an octagon. He began his career in the sport via Strikeforce before becoming a major force in the UFC. Cormier was already battling Jon Jones for the light heavyweight title by the time he had fought five times at the UFC.

3. Anderson Silva

NicknameThe Spider
Date of Birth14 April 1975
Age48 years
Birth placeSão Paulo
Education and schoolNot Available
Height1.88 m
Weight84 Kg
Family DetailsNot Available

Silva was an unbeatable powerhouse in his best form and is frequently considered the greatest striker ever. Silva was the champion for an unprecedented 247 days, making Silva’s reign the longest of anyone in any UFC weight class. The Brazilian brawler has won 16 straight fights and successfully defended his middleweight championship title 10 times.

2. Demetrious Johnson

NicknameMighty Mouse
Date of Birth13 August 1986
Age36 years
Birth placeMadisonville, Kentucky
CountryUnited States
Education and schoolNot Available
Height1.60 m
WeightNot Available
Family DetailsNot Available

Don’t let “Mighty Mouse’s five-foot-three” body size fool you. “Mighty Mouse” is worthy of a spot in every top 10 list of most-watched UFC fighters ever created. He won the fight and became the very first champion of the flyweight division of the UFC. He never lost focus and could defend his title eleven times before losing it in 2018 and changing it to “One Championship.

1. Georges St-Pierre

Date of Birth19 May 1981
Age42 years
Birth placeSaint-Isidore
Education and schoolNot Available
Height1.78 m
Weight77 Kg
Family DetailsNot Available

George St. Pierre is often called the greatest mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter. And although I’ve listed him as No. 1, I don’t think we can contest that position much. He had an unbeaten streak of 13 bouts and successfully defended the title nine times in consecutive weeks.

St. Pierre boasts the record for the highest number of takedowns in the history of the UFC. He brought back home the middleweight title after he crushed Michael Bisping following a shortfall of a long time from the Octagon, where he had lost the title of welterweight.

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