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Top 5 Fastest Runners in The World Right Now

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For more than 10 years, Usain Bolt has been leading the world of athletics. Research shows that the typical human running speed is around 19mph, whereas males can go up to 27mph. Check the Top 5 Fastest Runners in The World Right Now.

However, as the sport develops every day. We have seen many fast runners do to break current records set by the world’s best to win titles. This article will give you complete details about the Top 5 Fastest Runners in The World Right now

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Here are the Top 5 Fastest Runners in The World Right now

There is a reason why he’s the most efficient in the world. He is considered to be the greatest sprinter ever. The runner’s performance was the fastest and in ever in a race of the 100-meter event.

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Runners have won medals to win the race for the country in the Olympics. These runners have created history and created the world record for running faster in the world right now. In this article, you will get the list of the Top 5 Fastest Runners in The World Right Now.

5. Richard Thompson

Date of Birth7 June 1985
Age38 years
Birth placeCascade
CountryTrinidad & Tobago
Education and schoolNot Available
Height1.88 m
Weight80 Kg
Family DetailsNot Available

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Richard Thompson founds himself among the fastest and ever recorded by humanity. He is a resident of Trinidad and Tobago. In this year’s Trinidad and Tobago national championships, Richard ran 9.82 seconds. So far, he holds three gold medals in his collection of medals, which were awarded to him at 12 significant races.

4. Maurice Greene

NicknameNot Available
Date of BirthJuly 23, 1974
Age48 years
Birth placeKansas City, Kansas, 
CountryUnited States
Education and schoolNot Available
Height1.76 m
Weight82 Kg
Family DetailsNot Available

Maurice Greene is also on the list of the fastest runners around the world for 100 meters. In addition to 100-meter races, Maurice Greene competed in the 200-meter and 60-meter races.

His speed of 9.79 minutes in 1999 was the fastest and in 1999 at the time. The original IAAF logo was designed in Greene’s style. The kind of impact Greene made on the sport.

3. Christian Coleman

NicknameNot Available
Date of BirthMarch 6, 1996
Age48 years
Birth placeAtlanta, Georgia, 
Country U.S.
Education and schoolNot Available
Height1.75 m
Weight72 Kg
Family DetailsNot Available

Christian Coleman is an American professional track and field sprinter who races in the 100 – and 200-meter races. He is ranked the fastest runner.

He was running 9.76 seconds in the 100-meter race at the World Championships in Doha. Unfortunately, he was banned because the man failed a drug test. This led to his being disqualified from the 2022 Tokyo Olympics.

2. Tyson Gay

NicknameNot Available
Date of BirthAugust 9, 1982
Age40 years
Birth placeLexington, Kentucky,
CountryUnited States
Education and schoolNot Available
Height1.80 m
Weight75 Kg
Family DetailsNot Available

Tyson Gay ranks number 2 on the rankings of the fastest runners around the globe. The runner is American by birth. In his 2007 Osaka World Championships, he took home the 100 meters, 200 meters, and 4 100 relay. This was the second man to win these events.

Usain Bolt has done the identical thing twice following Tyson. But this does not detract from the significance of Tyson Gay. Tyson was clocked at 9.69 seconds during the Shanghai Golden Grand Prix 2009, which made him the second fastest person on earth.

1. Usain Bolt

NicknameLightning Bolt
Date of Birth21 August 1986
Age36 years
Birth placeSherwood Content
Education and schoolNot Available
Height1.96 m
Weight94 Kg
Family DetailsNot Available

Usain Bolt might be your best bet, and why wouldn’t it be? He is a star and created a stir when he recorded the world-famous “958.” Its record time of 9.58 seconds was the fastest in the world for a 100-meter race. Also, check the Top 5 Hottest Female WWE Wrestlers in the World Right Now.

All adore the Jamaican runner, who has earned the nickname “Lightning Bolt’. He holds an international record for 200 meters in the 4 relays of 100 meters and the famous 100-meter race.

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