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Top 5 Fastest Bowlers in Indian Cricket of All Time

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They are introducing the unstoppable force of Indian cricket – a lineage of bowlers that have left a lasting impact on the game. From fiery pacemen who sent shivers down the spine to cunning spin wizards who weaved their magic. These bowlers have etched their names in the annals of cricket history. With precision, passion, and a touch of brilliance, they embody the heart and soul of Indian cricket. Check the Top 5 Fastest Bowlers in Indian Cricket of all time.

Join us as we unveil the legends, the maestros, and the game-changers. Who has mesmerized fans worldwide with their remarkable skill and unwavering determination? Behold the extraordinary bowlers of Indian cricket, forever etched in the fabric of the sport’s legacy.

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Top 5 Fastest Bowlers in Indian Cricket of all time

Unleashing unparalleled skill and precision. These cricket players stand tall as the finest bowlers of all time. Dominating the game with their relentless accuracy and devastating deliveries. Below you can check out the top 5 fastest bowlers.

5. Mohammed Shami

Witness the whirlwind of pace and precision. The epitome of raw power on the cricket field – Mohammed Shami, India’s fastest bowler. With lightning speed and lethal accuracy, Shami has struck fear into the hearts of batsmen worldwide. His fiery deliveries, combined with a deceptive ability to swing the ball both ways, make him a force to be reckoned with.


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Nickname Lalaji
Profession Cricketer
Date of birth 3rd Sep 1990
Age 32
Birth Place Amroha
Home Town Uttar Pradesh
Education and School Not Available
Height 6’1″
Weight Not Available
Family Details Not Available

4. Umesh Yadav

In the realm of lightning-fast bowlers, one name shines bright in the Indian cricketing landscape: Umesh Yadav. With sheer pace and raw power, Yadav has established himself as one of the fastest bowlers to have donned the Indian jersey. Armed with a ferocious run-up and an explosive delivery stride, he can unleash thunderbolts that leave batsmen in awe and discomfort.

Nickname Bablu, Strongman
Profession Cricketer
Date of birth 25th May 1987
Age 35
Birth Place Maharashtra
Home Town Nagpur
Education and School Not Available
Height 5’11”
Weight 75kg
Family Details Not Available

3. Prasidh Krishna

Introducing the blistering pace of Prasidh Krishna, a dynamic force in Indian cricket. With lightning-fast deliveries that leave batsmen in awe, Krishna has emerged as one of the fastest bowlers in the game. Known for his ability to generate bounce and extract movement, Krishna’s fiery pace has rattled opposition and earned him a reputation as a true speedster.

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Nickname Krishna
Profession Cricketer
Date of birth 19th Feb 1996
Age 27
Birth Place Banglore
Home Town Karnataka, India
Education and School Not Available
Height 6’2″
Weight 62
Family Details Not Available

2. Jasprit Bumrah

Meet the living embodiment of raw pace and precision in Indian cricket – Jasprit Bumrah. Armed with a lightning-quick run-up and a unique bowling action, Bumrah has redefined fast bowling in the country. With a fierce determination and an ability to generate venomous speed, he unleashes a barrage of thunderbolts that leave batsmen perplexed and spectators in awe.

Nickname JB, Jassi
Profession Cricketer
Date of birth 6th Dec 1993
Age 29
Birth Place Gujarat
Home Town Ahmedabad, India
Education and School Not Available
Height 5’9″
Weight 70kg
Family Details Not Available

1. Umran Malik

Meet Umran Malik, the cricket player who embodies the raw talent and unbridled speed. This teenage wonder, who is from Jammu and Kashmir, has captivated the cricketing world with his vicious deliveries and rapid velocity. Malik creates speeds that leave batsmen perplexed and fans in wonder with lightning-fast run-ups and swingy movement.

Nickname Jammu Express
Profession Cricketer
Date of birth 22nd Nov 1999
Age 23
Birth Place Jammu and Kashmir
Home Town Jammu
Education and School Not Available
Height 5’9″
Weight 65
Family Details Not Available
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