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Top 5 Best mobile games where you can earn real money

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What if I can earn money by playing games? You may think I’m talking unbelievable. But it’s fun when this wild fantasy comes true. Because we play games mainly for our fun or when we are bored or when we have nothing to do. But it’s not bad if you can earn some extra money by using the time playing this game. Check the Top 5 Best mobile games where you can earn real money.

Since everything is online now, obviously we do everything on our phones these days. That’s why many online games have come up these days where you can easily earn money for your pocket money just by playing and utilizing your time. This can be a tremendous golden opportunity, especially for teenagers today who have no other way to earn money other than studying.

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Top 5 Best mobile games where you can earn real money

However, you may be wondering, what games can you play that can earn you money? Again you can think that since you are getting money, surely the games will be somewhat complicated. But to clear all your worries I give you the good news that there are no complex games put here.

I remember those childhood games of ludo or snake ladder or chess. And I said this because these games help you earn money. Of course, you need both luck and brains for this. So let’s take a look at five apps that help you earn money through games.

5. Solitaire Cash

Name of the mobile gameSolitaire Cash
No of download for the game1K+

Solitaire cash game with a 4.6 rating on Google Play Store is one of the largest gaming companies in the world. As a result, those who play cards can get a golden opportunity to get different cash by playing cards.

Not only that this game offers you more variety than the classic solitaire games. As a result, the chances of you getting bored in the game are very less. Moreover, the game design is smooth which makes it fast-paced and engaging.

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4. Bingo Clash

Name of the mobile gameBingo Clash
No of download for the game5K+

Hope you understand the name and shout bingo the money will be in your pocket. Yes but for that, you must play the game and after that, if you have bingo i.e. if your luck opens then you are bound to get money.

Here let’s say that this game is available for both iOS and Android. Not only that but here you have to play one-on-one head-to-head matches against other people. You will also have to join a tournament where you will have the opportunity to compete against others in a bracket-style tournament.

All these contests have a pool of numerous prizes to compete for. And best of all, the most annoying part of a game is showing apps that don’t exist in the game at all. That means you have a golden opportunity to win prizes through bingo games and withdraw money through PayPal

3. Blackout Bingo

Name of the mobile gameBlackout Bingo
No of download for the game5T+

Blackout Bingo is the most popular and deadliest cash prize game for ios and mobile devices. This game will win you prizes and it is also a very fun game as each round takes 2 minutes and you can play the whole for free. Also like other games here, you will compete against other users.

The rules of this game are that you have to be the first player to get bingo to win the prize. And to get a bingo you will be called a number where you have to daub in the correct box. If you daubed the box correctly you will get a speed bonus when you get bingo and double bingo.

2. Dominoes Gold

Name of the mobile gameDominoes Gold
No of download for the game10K+

The best feature of this game is that it hosts tournaments every day. As a result, your scope of winning cash prizes increases even more. Not that there is fake money here for you, with Domino’s Gold you get a serious opportunity to earn real money.

Also, let me say that in these games you can play free games against opponents. And when you win with the most points you are ready to win real money. Moreover, you can compete in live tournaments with other players here. In this case, I say here along with a cash reward you will get a gift card reward in the game.

1. Bubble Cash

Name of the mobile gameBubble Cash
No of download for the game 1L+

I think everyone has a lot of fun popping the bubbles by shooting them upwards. In the world of mobile and iOS, bubble cash is an extremely popular game-earning app. It is a skill-based pop shooter game. Through you get a chance to test your skills here.

In this very fun and competitive game, you will have the opportunity to solve puzzles and compete against other people for prizes. But let me tell you that there is no luck in this game and every player gets the same layout so you have to think about how fast and how accurately you can pop.

At the same time, I inform you that you can transfer any money from this game to your account through PayPal. Not only that, all its games are free and have a review of 4.6 on the Google Play Store for very little luck involved.

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