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Top 10 Most Popular Football Clubs In The World Right Now

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Football is the most popular game and is loved by people worldwide. People pay attention to it and test different players and clubs based on how they play—many aspects influence which club we should keep and which to drop. Check the Top 10 Most Popular Football Clubs In The World Right Now.

Some of these clubs have performed well and are still at the top. They are known for playing well. These clubs could either be blessed or cursed by the increase in fans. Here is the list of the Top 10 Most Popular Football Clubs In The World Right Now. Also, check football managers’ Networth and salary.

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Many factors, such as their social media, are responsible for football clubs being ranked among the top ten. The number of followers on Instagram and Facebook Twitter.

These clubs are popular thanks to different sponsorships. Much sponsorship has helped these clubs become well-known. Real Madrid, Barcelona United, Manchester United, and Bayern Munich are some of the most loved clubs.  

10. Bayern Munich

Name of football clubBayern Munich 
No of Fans around the world3, 60,726

Bayern Munich has been the most well-known football club over the last 3-4 years. They won the UEFA Championship, Super Cups, FIFA World Cup, and many other titles. Their social media followers have increased since then—their Instagram followers number 26.8 million. 

9. Paris Saint-Germain

Name of football clubParis Saint-Germain
No of Fans around the world35 million

PSG’s outstanding players are the reason it is so popular. Their ability to play well together and their coordination are critical factors in their success. They have won many titles and have won the UEFA champions league. They have over 35.8 million followers on Instagram. 

These are the most favored football clubs. These clubs play so well that these clubs are ranked accordingly. It is possible to organize different clubs based on performance. 

8. Barcelona

Name of football clubBarcelona 
No of Fans around the world57.8 million

Barcelona is the second-most famous Spanish professional football club. They have won many competitions, trophies, and awards. Barcelona is proud of its players’ play style and coordination. They are next to Real Madrid, with 97,000,000 followers on Instagram. 

7. Manchester City

Name of football clubManchester City 
No of Fans around the world86.9 million

Manchester City has been an enormous success in the past. They finished as runners-up in the UEFA Championship. They are currently ranked 10th among the most loved clubs. It has displayed its best performances in almost every competition. They have, on average, 24.4 million Instagram followers. 

6. Liverpool

Name of football clubParis Saint-Germain
No of Fans around the world103.1 million

Liverpool is an established professional football club. Liverpool won many championships. They won 6 UEFA championships and 3 UEFA Cups. They have been a part of some of the most successful clubs in history. Liverpool Club average of 31 million Instagram followers.

5. Arsenal

Name of football clubArsenal 
No of Fans around the world113 million

Arsenal is one of the most loved and successful clubs in the world. They won close to 14 cups in the FA Cup and 13 titles in Premier League. They have 19.4 million Instagram followers. Their success in different sports is mainly due to their sportsmanship.  

4. Chelsea

Name of football clubChelsea 
No of Fans around the world135 million

Chelsea is once more one of the most beloved and professional soccer clubs. Chelsea won the match between Manchester & Chelsea and became the winner of the UEFA Championship 2020-2021. They were also the winners of the UEFA Cup and the super cup. It has been awarded many titles. They have 27.3 million followers on Instagram. 


3. Juventus

Name of football clubJuventus 
No of Fans around the world440 million

Juventus has had great success in the past. Juventus was home to Ronaldo, the Real Madrid club’s most beloved player. It was a great success. They won the Intercontinental title twice. They have seen an abrupt increase in their social network handles. Juventus have an Instagram following of 49 million.

2. Real Madrid

Name of football clubReal Madrid 
No of Fans around the world450 million

Real Madrid is now the most popular football club in the world. They have the most fans. They have 99.5 million Instagram followers. Real Madrid has 14 titles and won many awards, trophies, and cups. They are the most highly regarded clubs.

1. Manchester United

Name of football club Manchester United 
No of Fans around the world1.1 BILLION 

Manchester United is third in popularity. Manchester United is the 3rd famous football club. Their dress code and fantasies are what make them so beloved. They are also a FIFA World Cup 2008 winner. They have 41,000,000 followers on Instagram. Manchester United enjoyed success and fame in recent years. 

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