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Top 10 Best Sites to Download Free PC Games

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10 Best Sites to Download Free PC Games – Video games are amongst the top leisure hobbies or pastimes of today’s generation. Amongst the various genres of games available to play online, some enthusiasts wish to play the traditional way of downloading the games onto their respective devices. Some games are owned by leading gaming companies such as Xbox, and PlayStation, who have their own set of games.

For those who are willing to not spend a lot on purchasing gaming consoles to play a certain type of genre, like, adventure-sport, you can download the games through different websites.

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Top 10 Best Sites to Download Free PC Games

There are authentic sites that allow users to download their preferred games on PC, so check out Top 10 Best Sites to Download Free PC Games

10. Battle.net

Battle.net is a site which is owned and operated by Blizzard Entertainment. It is a reliable platform to download free PC games. It offers a wide selection of mainstream Blizzard games like World of Warcraft and StarCraft II. With features such as fast downloads, seamless connection with friends, and automatic startup with Windows, Battle.net provides a convenient gaming experience.

Additionally, users can benefit from exclusive discounts and enjoy a proprietary launcher and friend list to enhance their gaming interactions. Thereby stands at the 10th position of this list.

DeveloperBlizzard Entertainment
Launched December 31, 1996; 27 years ago
TypeContent delivery
Digital rights management
Multiplayer online service
Social networking
Instant messaging

9. Xbox.com

The official Xbox website which is owned by Microsoft comes as the next of the top choice for downloading free PC games. You have the option to purchase both modern and classic titles directly from the site. With an Xbox Game Pass subscription, you gain access to hundreds of free games.

While the Xbox App For PC initially faced challenges, it has since become more dependable. Notably, the app provides some of the fastest download speeds available. Moreover, besides downloading games, you can utilize the Xbox app for cloud gaming, even on lower-speed laptops.

Product typeVideo gaming
Owned by Microsoft Gaming
Country of OriginUnited States
Launched November 15, 2001; 22 years ago
Registered as a trademark inWorldwide

8. Acid Play

At number 8th we have the site names as Acid-Play. A well-known game used for downloading various video gaming genres like action, arcade, RPG, and more. Many of the games on Acid Play are free to download and play, and the site provides ratings to help users gauge game quality before downloading.

However, one downside is that Acid Play is no longer updated, meaning there are no new game additions. Nonetheless, it remains one of the top choices for downloading PC games.

7. MegaGames

Mega Games is a widely used platform for downloading PC games, and even PS4 games on your PC if desired. It’s compatible with both Mac and Windows, making game downloading easy. While occasional bugs may interrupt downloads, Mega remains one of the top websites for game downloads.

Although its game library isn’t extensive, it offers a good variety of genres to cater to different preferences. MegaGames also provides the latest news and informative blogs related to the gaming domain.

6. G2A

G2A is a widely accessible digital marketplace available in over 20 languages, offering genres ranging from action to puzzles. Apart from games, it also provides gift cards for various platforms. However, users should be cautious of potential scams from unreliable sellers.

Acting as an intermediary between buyers and sellers, G2A boasts over 12 million customers and 2 million sellers, making it a popular choice for finding desired games across platforms like Xbox, Steam, PSN, and more. Thereby ranks 6th in the list of top 10 websites

Type of siteDigital distribution
Area servedWorldwide
Founded by Bartosz Skwarczek
Dawid Ro┼╝ek

5. EA.com

EA.com offers several features, including a community forum and the ability to download games from Origin, featuring popular titles like FIFA and Madden. However, similar to Origin, it lacks a vast selection of games and doesn’t frequently offer deals. While you may find discounts on older games like FIFA 22, newer releases usually aren’t discounted.

Despite this, EA.com remains a reliable site and is considered one of the top destinations for downloading PC games. Owned and operated by EA, the website features games from various genres such as action, arcade, puzzles, simulation, racing, and more.

IndustryVideo games
Founded inMay 27, 1982; 41 years ago in San Mateo, California, US
Founder by Trip Hawkins
HeadquartersRedwood City, California, US
Area servedWorldwide
Products Electronic Arts games

4. GOG.com

GOG, formerly known as Good Old Games, is a premier website for purchasing games online, owned and operated by GOG Limited. It offers the added perk of purchasing movies alongside games. You can easily install your favorite games with just one click, without the need for additional software.

One standout feature of GOG is the ability to roll back updates to games if you prefer an older version. Additionally, you can opt for automatic game updates, alleviating the need to manually update your games.

Type of siteDigital distribution
Available in languagesEnglish, German, French, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese
Area servedWorldwide
Owned byCD Projekt
Launched in 2008; 16 years ago

3. Origin

Origin, owned and operated by EA, stands out as a leading platform for downloading PC games. It remains a reliable and feature-rich app despite not having too many options for users of different genres. Popular features include built-in Twitch streaming, profile management, social media, and account integration, and the ability to share your game library with friends.

While Origin isn’t known for offering free games or frequent discounts, occasional sales do provide opportunities for good deals. There this ranks at the 3rd position of the list of top 10 game sites.

2. Epic Games

Epic Games offers support for both Mac and Windows, although some games may not run properly on Mac. They frequently provide discounts on popular games, making it a great platform for saving money. Additionally, Epic Games facilitates multiplayer gaming with friends on titles like Rocket League and Fortnite.

With a vast game library including both free (e.g., Fortnite, Rocket League) and paid (e.g., GTA V, SpiderMan: Remastered) options, Epic Games is widely considered one of the top destinations for downloading PC games.

IndustryVideo games
Founded byTim Sweeney
Area servedWorldwide
Key peopleTim Sweeney (CEO)
Kim Libreri (CTO)
Mark Rein (VP)
Adam Sussman (president)
Charlie Wen (CCO)
ProductsUnreal Engine
Bink Video
Epic Games Store
Unreal series
Gears of War series

1. Steam

Finally at number stands the site, Steam. It stands out as one of the most popular gaming client platforms and top PC game download sites. Offering a diverse range of games directly from developers, Steam also allows developers to upload their games for free. While many games are available for free, some high-end titles may require payment.

With Steam, users can swiftly download and play games as needed. Notably, the platform features Video Streaming, enabling users to stream games in various formats such as tutorials, movies, and episodes. Available on Windows, Mac, and Linux, Steam ensures accessibility across different platforms.

Developed byValve Corporation
Launched in September 12, 2003; 20 years ago
Available in29 languages
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