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MLBB Mid-Season Cup 2024: Epic Battle for $3 Million Prize Pool in Riyadh

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The MLBB Mid-Season Cup (MSC) 2024 is a well-known MOBA mobile gaming competition that invites elite teams to participate in Riyadh with a $3 million main prize fund. From June 28 to July 14, 2024, 23 teams from around the world will compete in this event as part of the Esports World Cup.

The whole prize pool of the M6 World Championship will be surpassed by the remarkable $1 million that the winner of MSC 2024 will receive, representing a hefty 33.3% of the total reward budget. The teams in second and third place will split the $500K prize pool, with $200K going to each of them.

Prize Pool Distribution for MSC 2024:

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A share of the $3 million prize pool will go to each of the 23 competing teams:

First position: $1 million

Runner-Up: $500K

Third and Fourth: $200K each;

Fifth to Eighth: $100K each;

Ninth to Sixteenth: $56K each;

Seventeenth to Twenty-Third: $36K each

Eight clubs will compete in the preliminary Mid-Season Cup Wildcard round for a single spot in the MSC main event:

Wildcard Slot Distribution:

MLBB Continental Championship, M Challenge Cup S3, MPL LATAM S1, MPL Malaysia, MTC Turkiye Championship S3, MCP Spring, Mongolia Qualifier, and China Qualifier

Fifteen teams from regional competitions, comprising the top two teams from MPL Indonesia and Philippines Season 13 and the top teams from MPL Season 5, will automatically qualify for the MSC main phase.

Main Phase Slot Distribution:

MPL Malaysia S13, MPL Singapore S7, MPL Cambodia Spring, MPL LATAM S1, NACT Spring, MCC S3, MTC S3, MPL Indonesia S13 (2 spaces), MPL Philippines S13 (2 slots), MPL MENA S5 (2 slots), MPL Malaysia S13, MPL Singapore S7 China and Myanmar qualifiers

MLBB is one of the most popular mobile games worldwide, and the MSC 2024 is expected to be an exciting competition for the coveted trophy, with the M5 World Championship drawing in excess of five million peak viewers.

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