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Boxing Referees Salaries 2024: Who’s The Highest-Paid Referee?

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Boxing Referees Salaries 2024: The referees play a key role in any of the sports. The referee’s fair decisions and their sense of the game are always remarkable. Whereas in the case of Boxing the job of referee seems a little bit tough. Still, many known referees in boxing have been officiating matches for very long.

In boxing sport Referees are divided into two levels, Amateur and Professional. Professional Referees get a high amount of match fees. The High profile matches and the popular bouts are mostly officiated by the professional Referees. Check out the complete details regarding the Highest Referee and their match fee.

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Boxing Referees Salaries 2024

Boxing referee earns a salary as per the match fees. Match fees vary according to the fights and the Boxing referee levels. For the High Profile matches referee gets $25000 while for the regular bouts, the referee gets $5,000.

The Referees who are below the top level get $3500 for Regular bouts while $10000 for high-profile matches. Whereas the Regular Bouts matches fess can also reduced to $1000-$1500 for the amateur level.

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Boxing Referees Salaries 2024: Who's The Highest-Paid Referee?
Boxing Referees Salaries 2024: Who’s The Highest-Paid Referee?

Who’s The Highest-Paid Referee?

refereesKenny Baylles is the highest-paid Boxing Referee. His match fee amounts to $5000 per match while for the High profile matches it amounts to a whopping $25000 per match. As per the sources Kenny Baylees managed to earn at least $300K so far in the last season. He is one of the most popular boxing referees.

  • Josh Taylor vs Jose Ramirez (2021)
  • Canelo Alvarez vs Gennady Golokvin (2017_
  • Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley II (2014)
  • Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Manny Pacquiao (2015)

Kenny oversaw many notable fights throughout his career as a boxing referee. Above is one of the notable and most popular fights overseen by Kenny. In 1982, Kenny Baylles entered into the ring as an Amature referred. Later on, he makes his name as a Bpxing reference. After officiating many bouts over the years, he was appointed as a Professional referee in 1991.

List of Highest Paid-Referee and their match fees:

Referee NameAgePer Match FeeHigh Profile Match Fees:
Kenny Baylles73$5000$25000
Joe Cartez78$5000$25000
Jack Reiss60$5000$25000
Tony Weeks68$5000$25000
Daniel Van de Wiele68$5000$25000
Jay Nady76$5000$25000
Randy Neumann75$5000$25000
Mickey Vann80$3500$10000
Eddie Cotton $3500$10000
Jon Schorle$3500$10000
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