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Sonic Superstars Review for Sony Playstation 5 (PS5) all you need to know

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The popularity of the everlasting SEGA mascot is rising as Sonic Superstars debuts. This new side-scrolling adventure comes after Sonic Frontiers. The series’ greatest 3D installment in a long time, and Sonic Mania, a fantastic retro adventure that blends old and modern. The argument is that Superstars generally maintains the character’s recent solid form, but with a significant caveat. Check Sonic Superstars Review for PS5

But let’s start from the beginning. This 2D Sonic game combines a vivid new visual style with timeless action. Consequently, the game feels fantastic to play, and the characters behave just how you’d expect them to. However, using 3D models and eye-catching, vibrant settings gives it a modern appearance. Except for brief, judder-loading sequences between bonus levels or if you die, the game plays at 60 frames every second dream on your PS5.

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Initial release date17 October 2023
PlatformsPlayStation 5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
DevelopersArzest, Sega, Sonic Team
GenrePlatform game
ModeMultiplayer video game
ComposerJun Senoue
PublishersSega, SEGA of America
SeriesSonic the Hedgehog

Sonic Superstars Review for PS5

It doesn’t take much for the player to take command of any character they pick and begin tearing through stages in Sonic Superstars, which pulls away from the drama that Sonic frequently finds himself drawn to. Instead, Sonic and the gang are immediately charged into new zones. With the reappearance of the iconic Sonic enemy Fang, this game has more of an overarching plot. This adds a little bit of suspense while you play.

The greatest Sonic zones combine momentum and flow with speed. Sonic must face formidable hurdles and platform difficulties at a fast speed, hardly stopping to breathe. There’s good reason to search for secrets, but how fast can you find them? How good of a route is it? With the hedgehog jumping, swooping, spiraling, and testing the boundaries of the screen and the player’s command, playing a Sonic game should be exhilarating. Sonic is really about flow.

Additionally, Sonic Superstars lacks it. That’s partially Sonic’s fault. He has the same sense of control and momentum as the iconic Mega Drive cars, but he moves just a little too slowly—he’s neither too quick to stop nor too slow to speed up. He never moves from the center of the screen to quicken the pace, not even at maximum speeds. Moreover, level design is crucial. Sonic Superstars has several entertaining level tricks, and Sega should be commended for its creativity and boundary-pushing.

Sonic Superstars Review for Sony Playstation 5 (PS5) all you need to know

However, every brilliant concept has a plethora of poor ones that make Sonic move at a snail’s pace—whether it be air blasts, steam-powered devices, or shifting sands. Water continues to be Sonic’s greatest enemy. Consider Speed Jungle, which has wavy, twisting vines for you to run through. But its second act is a plodding walk through pitch-black darkness with no way to see where you’re going.

There are entertaining Breakout-themed areas in Sky Temple, but in other places swirling blowers lift Sonic like a stone. While Press Factory’s first act has recurring smashes that propel Sonic and break the rhythm, the second part smartly challenges players to punch a sequence of buttons to prevent a machine in the backdrop from self-destructing the whole level. There’s a great time travel twist in the last zone, although it involves floating in zero gravity once more.


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