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Alvaro Arbeloa Reveals Secret to Shutting Down Lionel Messi: Ex-Liverpool and Real Madrid Defender’s Masterclass on Neutralizing Barcelona Legend

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In an interesting conversation about covering Lionel Messi during a Champions League game in 2007, Alvaro Arbeloa, a former defender for Spain, talks about how Liverpool handled the 19-year-old football superstar. This game, which Liverpool played against Barcelona at Camp Nou, was a big test for Arbeloa, who had just joined Liverpool and was playing left back for this game. As directed by manager Rafa Benitez, Arbeloa was told to keep a close eye on Messi and use a strategic defensive formation to limit Messi’s impact on the game.

Arbeloa talks about how the way the team was set up—with him playing closer to Messi because the Argentine usually received the ball wide—helped the marking plan work better. He says that partner John Arne Riise helped him defensively and points out that Barcelona’s right back didn’t make any overlapping runs, which also helped keep Messi in check. Arbeloa says that Messi’s style of play at the time, which mostly involved getting the ball to his feet instead of finding holes in the defense, made it easier for the other team to protect against him.

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The game finished in Liverpool’s favor; they won 2-1 at Barcelona and went on to the quarterfinals of the Champions League, even though they lost 1-0 at home in the second leg. Arbeloa’s thorough memory gives us a look into the tactical decisions and changes that were made to deal with one of football’s best players. This game happened before Messi became the best player in the world. In the years that followed, the Argentine superstar improved his game to deal with defensive difficulties and have a very successful career.

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