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Winning Strategies: Master the Art of Target IPL Fantasy in 2024!

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The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a fascinating event we wait for every year. Cricket fans take their sweet time wrapping up their duties and preparing for adrenaline-pumping matches. They love to discuss their players with others, discuss how their favorite teams perform, and even predict the outcomes of upcoming matches. With hope and despair, we find different colors when the IPL approaches. Cricket fans enjoy predicting who will win the upcoming IPL matches, who will score the highest run and which player will be the pivotal point of his team’s victory. If you are good at analyzing and predicting outcomes, the IPL Fantasy League 2024 is for you. If your fantasy team wins, you will get a chance to win a huge reward that will change the course of your life. Here is a list of winning strategies you need to follow.

Winning Strategies to Win IPL Fantasy

1.    Follow the performance of cricketers

An IPL fantasy team consists of players from different participating teams. Hence, you will have to monitor the performance of all players currently involved in playing T20 cricket. Here is how you can make it easier.

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  • Follow the tips

Always follow the Fantasy Cricket Tips provided by the app you have chosen to play the IPL Fantasy 2024. These tips come straight from the top cricket analysts and fantasy sports experts. These experts are professional analysts who have seen every nook and cranny of IPL.

  • Recent forms

Check the recent forms of the cricketers. For example, go with the strike rates of every batter and the economy rate of every bowler. Check how many wickets a bowler has picked in the latest national and international events. 

  • Past IPL performances

Always review the past IPL performances of all the players and teams. This will help you understand the difference between how a cricketer performs in IPL and other forms of cricket. It is crucial to understand that a player can perform well in IPL despite having average performance in other cricket formats.

  • Trades and transfers

Check the trades and transfers happening this year. Find out which players have been bought by all the teams. Don’t focus only on your favorite team players. Remember, your favorite team will have to face the challenges of other teams. Hence, follow the new buys and trades in IPL auctions.

2.    Understand the IPL Fantasy 2024 score system

Another crucial part of your winning strategy for the IPL Fantasy 2024 is the app’s scoring system. This scoring system determines how your chosen players’ performances will be rated and scored by the app’s algorithm. Based on their performances, your fantasy team will be scored. Eventually, the highest fantasy team will win the huge prize. Here is what you need to follow.

  • Batting

The scoring system for batters considers strike rates, fours, sixes, half-centuries, centuries, and winning chases. Hence, understand how the scoring system works for batters.

  • Bowling

The scoring system for bowlers considers maidens, economy rates, wickets taken, dot balls, etc. Remember, a bowler’s low economy rate in the IPL is quite valuable.

  • Fielding contributions

Check how fielders have saved runs or caught crucial wickets. These factors can significantly increase your fantasy team’s score.

  • Captain and vice-captain

Here lies the twist. It does not matter who the captains and vice-captains are of different IPL teams. Your choice of players as the captains and vice-captains will add scores to your fantasy teams. A winning captain and a vice-captain earn more points than any other player.

  • Special achievements

Check for players’ special achievements and how scoring is influenced. Scoring half-centuries and centuries will definitely add more points. Taking wickets will also do the same.

3.    Team composition

Understand how a fantasy cricket team is formed. Like a conventional cricket team, it will have 11 players and a few extras. Here is how you can make a strong IPL fantasy team.

  • Captain and vice-captain

A captain and a vice-captain are the crucial pillars of a fantasy cricket team. They will add more points than any other players. Hence, make a good choice by considering all the players on the list.

  • Player form and fitness level

Check the forms and fitness levels of all the players. Always select players who are in good form and promise to perform well in the IPL 2024. As mentioned, check their records to get an idea of their future performances.

  • Venue conditions

You can act as a virtual manager of your IPL fantasy team. Hence, you can make necessary changes based on the venues of the upcoming matches. For example, choose the best bowlers when a pitch favors spinners and swingers. Choose all-rounders for a neutral pitch. Always go with the best batters for a batting pitch.

  • Balance the act

Always balance your team by adding batters, all-rounders, wicket-keepers, and bowlers. Remember to keep replacements for all players.

4.    Do your research well

Your research will make a huge difference. Remember, every fantasy player will research well and will not rely on other’s decisions. How can you start your research before creating an IPL fantasy team? Check out these factors.

  • Check the team dynamics

Check how players fit into their teams in real-time. This will give you an idea of how players perform under pressure and rely on their teammates.

  • Budget management

Every fantasy team has a budget to spend. This virtual budget is what you need to choose the best players. This budget will assist in choosing the best players, but it will also restrict you from choosing all the top performers. Hence, you need to balance your team within your budget limit. For example, adding top batters from different teams will leave you with new entries and low-performing players. Remember, you will need good bowlers and all-rounders too. Focus on your fantasy team budget and pick batters, wicketkeepers, bowlers, and all-rounders accordingly.

Verdict: Win IPL Fantasy 2024 with the Best Strategy!

Here is a bonus tip to follow. Add players that will get to play the most matches. It increases your chances of scoring more points than other IPL fantasy players. Keep a few star players on the roll and add budding ones. Check head-to-head statistics to find out the best gems of IPL 2024. Use your prediction and analytical skills to win IPL Fantasy 2024.

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