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Mumbai Wankhede Stadium Records (ODI, T20, Test), Capacity, Owner, Pitch Reports, Weather, and more

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The Wankhede Stadium was built in time for the 1975 Last Test between India and the West Indies, although it took over 13 months to complete. Since then, Wankhede Stadium has taken Brabourne Stadium’s status as Mumbai’s primary cricket venue. It was dedicated in honor of the Association’s president, Barrister Sheshrao Wankhede, in 1974. Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai has served as the home ground for all three cricket rounds. All you need to know about Mumbai Wankhede Stadium Records (ODI, T20, Test), Capacity, Owner, Pitch Reports, Weather, the average score in ODI, and more.

In 1974, the Cricket Club of India became affiliated with this location following World War II. The Mumbai Cricket Association is owned by the Wankhede Stadium’s proprietor. In 2010, the sports facility had a 55,000 capacity; today, it only holds 45,000, and the whole area has grass. So, let’s know more about Stadium Records and everything you need to know.

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Mumbai Wankhede Stadium Records

Barrister Sheshrao Krishnarao Wankhede is the main inspiration for the stadium’s name. The stadium could have held about 45,000 people at first. During the West Indies visit of India in 1974–75, the first Test was played. So, below are the records of the Stadium.

Wankhede Stadium Records (ODI, T20, Test), Capacity, Owner

Test Matches

There are 27 matches in the whole Test series. The match that was won batting first was 11, the match that was won bowling first was 8, and the series record with the highest total was 631/10 in 182.3 against India and England. Moreover, the lowest score registered was 62/10 against NZ and IND.

ODI Matches

A total of 33 matches were played in the stadium. The mean scores in the first and second innings of this one-day international series are 248 and 199, respectively. Moreover, the highest total score recorded is 438/4 by RSA vs IND and the lowest score recorded is 55/10 by SL vs IND.

T20 I Matches

 A total of 9 matches were played in the stadium. The average 1st inn’s score is 185 and the average 2nd inn’s score is 174. Moreover, the highest total score recorded is 240/3 by IND vs WI and the lowest total score recorded is 160/10 by SL vs IND.

Mumbai Wankhede Capacity

There are around 32,000 seats present in the Stadium. The stadium, which is located in Mumbai, is usually sold out anytime the Indian cricket team plays or during the IPL.

Mumbai Wankhede Owner

Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium is owned and run by the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA). In the districts of Thane, Mumbai, and Greater Mumbai, cricket is governed by the MCA. The stadium is situated in the Churchgate district close to Marine Drive. Since its establishment in 1974, the stadium has played home to several iconic cricket events, such as the 2011 ICC World Cup final.

Mumbai Wankhede Pitch Reports

Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai is known for holding high-scoring matches. There is a batting wicket surface and small boundaries. However, from a bowling standpoint, the pitch will somewhat benefit spinners. However, because of the size of the boundaries, slower bowlers could find it challenging.

Mumbai Wankhede Address

The Wankhede Stadium is exclusively appropriate for bowlers. However, the batters are facing challenges. The pitch assessment for the match at Wankhede Stadium noted that spinners and pacers will encounter an aggressive turner during the test series. The address of the stadium is WRQG+G8R, D Rd, Churchgate, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400020.

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