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Top 5 Indian Bowlers Decimate England’s Batting Lineup in Test Cricket – You Won’t Believe Who Tops the List!

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India and England will play five test matches in January and February 2024. The first test match will take place on 25th Jan till 29th Jan 2024. Rohit Sharma is leading India’s side while Ben Stokes is leading England’s in upcoming matches. All five matches will take place at five different Venues. Hyderabad, Rajkot, Dharmsala, Ranchi, and Visakhapatnam are the five Venues.

Both teams hold a very long history in Test Cricket. They faced each other for 131 matches out of which England managed to win 50 matches while India won only 31 Matches. The rest of the 50 matches resulted in a Draw. So cricket fans are very excited for the upcoming five test matches. Before that check out below which Indian Bowler took most wickets against England in Test Cricket.

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Top 5 Indian Bowlers Decimate England’s Batting Lineup in Test Cricket

RankBowler NameMatches PlayedWickets5 wickets haul
5Jaspirt Bumrah10412
4Mohammed Shami1544
3Ravindra Jadeja16511
2Ishant Sharma23671
1Ravichandran Ashwin19886

The Indian bowlers’ performance in Test cricket against England

5. Jasprit Bumrah (41 wickets):

Jaspirt Bumrah is considered one of the fierce bowlers of the current generation. He is performing at a consistent level for India. It helps Bumrah to become one of the top leading wicket-takers in the Test against England. He took 41 wickets so far in 10 Matches. Jasprit Bumrah took 2 Five-Wickets hauls against England.

NameJaspirt Bumrah
Age6 December 1993 (30 Years)
BowlingRight-arm fast
Test Match Debut2018
Total Test Matches Played32
Total Test Wickets140
Total Five-Wickets Hauls8

4. Mohammed Shami (44 Wickets):

Mohammed Shami played 15 test Matches against the England Cricket team. With his brilliant performances, he took 44 wickets against England. His best bowling figure against England is 4/57. He is standing at 4th position in terms of Highest wicket-taker against England in the Test.

NameMohammed Shami
Age3 September 1990 (33 years)
BowlingRight-arm Fast
Test Match Debut2013
Total Test Matches Played64
Total Test Wickets229
Total Five-Wickets Hauls6

3. Ravindra Jadeja (51 Wickets):

Ravindra Jadeja is the number 1 All-Rounder in the ICC Rankings in Test. With 51 wickets Ravindra Jadeja is the third highest wicket-taker in the list. He is a consistent performer for India with bat and ball in Test. Cricket fans will get to see Jadeja back in action against England in 2024. Ravindra Jadeja is very close to reaching the milestone of 300 Wickets in the Test.

NameRavindra Jadeja
Age6 December 1988 (35 Years)
BowlingSlow left-arm orthodox
Test Match Debut2012
Total Test Matches Played67
Total Test Wickets278
Total Five-Wickets Hauls12

2. Ishant Sharma (67 Wickets):

India’s fifth most wicket-taker in Test Cricket is Ishant Sharma. Ishan Sharma played 23 Test matches against England so far. He managed to take 67 wickets against mighty England and stood in 2nd position. Sharma took one five-wicket haul against the England Cricket team.

NameIshant Sharma
Age2 September 1988 (35 years)
BowlingRight-arm fast-medium
Test Match Debut2007
Total Test Matches Played105
Total Test Wickets311
Total Five-Wickets Hauls11

1. Ravichandran Ashwin (88 Wickets):

Ravichandran Ashwin took 88 wickets against England in 19 test matches. He is the current Number 1 Rankings test Bowler in ICC Rankings. Ashwin took 6 five wickets haul against England. Ravichandran Ashwin is the active leading wicket-taker in Test. Ashwin needs only Seven test wickets to reach the milestone of 500 test Wickets.

NameRavichandran Ashwin
Age17 September 1986 (37 Years)
BowlingRight-arm off-spin
Test Match Debut2011
Total Test Matches Played96
Total Test Wickets493
Total Five-Wickets Hauls34

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