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Top 10 Best Wicket Keepers in the World of All Time

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Top 10 Best Wicket Keepers of All Time in World Cricket Over the history of cricket there have been numerous wicketkeepers. Here we present our list of the Top 10 Wicket Keepers in the world of all time. It is past and present details of Top 10 Best Wicket Keepers in the World.

Ideally, these names represent all that have contributed to its greatness from past and present. This wicketkeeper from the world has been integral in making it one of the premier batting nations of cricket. This greatest wicketkeeper ever seen in cricket due to his outstanding record.

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Top 10 Best Wicket Keepers in the World of All Time

These Best Wicket Keeper in the World of All Time is widely considered one of the greatest wicketkeepers in modern cricket. These wicket-keepers are widely considered one of the greatest pure wicket-keepers of modern cricket.

These Best Wicket Keeper are considered one of the premier wicket-keepers worldwide. These Wicket Keepers are the greatest cricketers ever seen playing the game. They hold International Cricket Council tournament titles under their belt and were among the world’s premier finishers.

10. Denesh Ramdin of West Indies:

Denesh Ramdin holds the 10th place amongst cricket’s greatest wicketkeepers and was an outstanding wicketkeeper for West Indies from 2005-2019, playing 284 international matches representing them and recording an astonishing 483 dismissals during his 15-year career – second only to Jeff Dujon!

ProfessionCricket Player
Date of Birth13 March 1985
Age 38 years
Birth placeCouva
CountryTrinidad and Tobago
Education and schoolPreysal Government Secondary School
Height1.70 m
Weight78 Kgs
Family DetailsWife Name: Janelle Mohess
Career: As Wicketkeeper
Test: 74 Matches205 catches, 1 run out, 12 stumping
ODI: 139 Matches181 catches, 9 run outs, 7 stumping
T20: 71 Matches181 catches, 9 runouts, 7 stumping

9. Quinton De-Cock, South Africa

Quinton De-Cock is an aggressive opening batsman who represents South Africa in T20s and ODI. De-Cock announced his intention to retire from Test Cricket by 2021 to focus more on white-ball cricket with family commitments. De-Cock has amassed 511 dismissals since joining international cricket in 2004, second only to Mark Boucher among South African wicketkeepers. 

ProfessionCricket Player
Date of Birth17 December 1992
Age 30 years
Birth placeJohannesburg
CountrySouth Africa
Education and schoolKing Edward VII School
Height1.70 m
Weight66 Kgs
Family DetailsGirlfriend Name: Sasha Hurly
Career:As Wicketkeeper
Test: 54 Matches221 catches, 1 run out, 11 stumping
ODI: 132 Matches62 catches, 2 runouts, 15 stumping
T20: 69 Matches62 catches, 2 run outs, 15 stumping

8. Jeff Dujon, West Indies

Jeff Dujon is widely considered to be the greatest wicket-keeper of West Indies Cricket, having served during its famed pace battery era and accounting for 474 dismissals over his career. He is one of the finest wicketkeepers of the West Indies.

NicknameNot Available
ProfessionCricket Player
Date of Birth28 May 1956
Age 67 years
Birth placeKingston
Education and schoolNot Available
HeightNot Available
WeightNot Available
Family DetailsNot Available
Career:As Wicketkeeper
Test: 81 Matches267 catches, 0 run out, 5 stumping
ODI: 169 Matches183 catches, 0 run outs, 21 stumping
T20: – Matches– catches, – run outs, – stumping

7. Brad Haddin, Australia

Brad Haddin was one of the premier Australian wicketkeepers. He started his international cricket career as a replacement for Adam Gilchrist during his early days, playing 226 matches across 14 years and accounting for 474 dismissals.

ProfessionCricket Player
Date of Birth23 October 1977
Age 45 years
Birth placeCowra
Education and schoolNot Available
Height1.77 m
Weight80 Kgs
Family DetailsWife Name: Karina Castle, Daughter Name: named Mia
Career:As Wicketkeeper
Test: 66 Matches262 catches, 0 run out, 8 stumping
ODI: 126 MatchesBirthplace
T20: 34 Matches17 catches, 2 run outs, 6 stumping

6. Rodney Marsh or Rod Marsh, Australia

Rod Marsh was one of the game’s premier wicket-keepers during the 70’s and 80’s, playing 96 tests and 92 ODIs for Australia while accounting for 479 dismissals in 188 International appearances – quite an impressive statistic!

NicknameIron Gloves
ProfessionCricket Player
Date of Birth4 November 1947
Age 74 years
Birth placeArmadale
Education and schoolNot Available
Height1.85 m
Weight72 Kgs
Family DetailsBirthplace
Career:As Wicketkeeper
Test: 96 Matches343 catches, 1 run out, 12 stumping
ODI: 92 MatchesWife Name: Ros, and 3 sons Name: Paul, Jami, and Dan
T20: – Matches– catches, – run outs, – stumping

5. Ian Healy, Australia

Ian Healy ranks fifth on our all-time greats list and played 11 years for Australia during a stellar 11-year career. The first wicketkeeper ever to record 600 dismissals – an astounding achievement given that Healy managed this in less than 300 matches! Ian Healy achieved an astounding 628 dismissals in 287 matches during his remarkable career. This feat stood for some time before Adam Gilchrist overtook him. 

ProfessionCricket Player
Date of Birth30 April 1964
Age 59 years
194 catches, 3 runouts, 39 stumpingSpring Hill
Education and school Brisbane State High School
Height1.75 m
WeightNot Available
Family DetailsWife Name: Helen, Two daughters Name: Emma and Laura, son Name: Tom
Career:As Wicketkeeper
Test: 119 Matches366 catches, 1 run out, 29 stumping
ODI: 168 Matches194 catches, 3 run outs, 39 stumping
T20: – Matches– catches, – run outs, – stumping

4. Kumar Sangakkara, Sri Lanka

Together with Mahela Jayawardene, he led Sri Lanka’s ascent as an attacking powerhouse. Sangakkara holds the record for most runs and centuries scored by Over 15 years. With the 594 international matches over 14 formats (Tests/ODI/T20I). He scored 63 centuries while accounting for 678 dismissals. That makes 63 centuries scored over 15 years and 678 dismissals out of 5. 

ProfessionCricket Player
Date of Birth27 October 1977
Age 45 years
Birth placeMatale
CountrySri Lanka
Education and schoolTrinity College Kandy
University of Colombo
Height1.78 m
Weight65 Kgs
Family DetailsFather Name: Swarnakumara Sangakkara, Mother Name: Kumari Sangakkara ; Sister Name: Thushari Sangakkara ; Brother Name: Vemindra Sangakkara, Wife Name: Yehali, Children Name: Swyree and Kavith
Career:As Wicketkeeper
Test: 134 Matches182 catches, 4 run out, 20 stumping
ODI: 404 Matches25 catches, 5 runouts, 20 stumping
T20: 56 MatchesBirthplace

3. MS Dhoni, India

MS Dhoni proved his speed behind the wickets with 829 dismissals achieved over 538 international appearances. He holds the world record for fast stumping (0.1 seconds). He stands third on the all-time great wicketkeepers list globally, having served in 90 Test matches.

ProfessionCricket Player
Date of Birth7 July 1981
Age41 years
Birth placeBirthplace
Education and schoolNot Available
Height1.80 m
Weight70 Kg
Family DetailsFather name: – Pan Singh, Mother name: – Devaki Devi, Brother name: – Narendra, Sister name: – Jayanti Gupta, Wife name: – Sakshi Dhoni, Daughter name: – Ziva Dhoni.
Career:As Wicketkeeper
Test: 90 Matches256 catches, 3 run out, 38 stumping
ODI: 350 MatchesFather name: – Pan Singh, Mother name: – Devaki Devi, Brother name: – Narendra, Sister name: – Jayanti Gupta, Wife name : – Sakshi Dhoni, Daughter name: – Ziva Dhoni.
T20: 98 Matches321 catches, 22 runouts, 123 stumping

2. Mark Boucher, South Africa

Mark Boucher holds the record for most dismissals ever recorded by any wicketkeeper in cricket history. He has attained 998 dismissals over 467 international matches as a wicketkeeper. He is the best wicketkeeper of South Africa.

NicknameNot Available
ProfessionCricket Player
Date of Birth3 December 1976
Age 46 years
Birth placeEast London
CountrySouth Africa
Education and schoolSelborne College 
Height1.68 m
WeightNot Available
Family DetailsGirl Friend Name: Carmen Lotter
Career:As Wicketkeeper
Test: 147 Matches532 catches, 2 run out, 23 stumping
ODI: 295 Matches403 catches, 16 run outs, 22 stumping
T20: 25 Matches18 catches, 1 run outs, 1 stumping

1. Adam Gilchrist, Australia

Gilchrist was not only reliable behind the wickets. He was also explosive at the top of the order in ODIs. Adam Gilchrist provided much-needed stability in Australia Test Team’s lower order. He remains one of the greatest left-handers to ever play cricket. Gilchrist is considered the premier player due to his record of 905 dismissals across 396 matches.

ProfessionCricket Player
Date of Birth14 November 1971
Age 51 years
417 catches, 14 runouts, 55 stumpingBellingen
Education and schoolKadina High School
Western Australian Institute of Sport
Height1.86 m
Weight76 Kgs
Family DetailsBirthplace
Career:As Wicketkeeper
Test: 96 Matches379 catches, 4 run out, 37 stumping
ODI: 287 Matches417 catches, 14 run outs, 55 stumping
T20: 13 Matches17 catches, 1 run outs, 0 stumping
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