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Shocking! Rohit Sharma Blasts Sarfaraz Khan for Failing to Step Up in Ranchi Test – You Won’t Believe His Reaction

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Indian cricket team captain Rohit Sharma showed his funny side again during England’s second innings in the 4th Test match in Ranchi on February 25. Rohit, who is always playful, got a little serious when he noticed one of his players, Sarfaraz Khan, not wearing a helmet while fielding dangerously close to the batsman.

It was getting late in the day, and the light was fading. Sarfaraz was supposed to wear a helmet because he was fielding in a position called silly point, where the ball can come very quickly. But he wasn’t wearing one. Rohit, from his position in the slips, scolded Sarfaraz for not taking his safety seriously.

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In his typical Mumbai style, Rohit told Sarfaraz not to be a hero and to wear his helmet. Sarfaraz, who was playing only his second international match, quickly listened to his captain and put on the helmet. But this wasn’t the first time Rohit had to remind Sarfaraz about safety.

Earlier in the series, during the 3rd Test match, there was a funny moment when two players, Yashasvi Jaiswal and Sarfaraz, thought the innings was over during a drinks break and started heading back to the pavilion. Rohit had to wave them back, telling them to keep playing.

Before the incident with Sarfaraz, he had shown some excellent fielding skills. He made a great diving catch at mid-on to dismiss Tom Hartley. Sarfaraz even blew a kiss to the crowd after that catch, as England’s batting lineup struggled.

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