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Unbelievable! Ravichandran Ashwin Stuns Cricket World with Jaw-Dropping Delivery to Send Ben Stokes Packing! You Won’t Believe Your Eyes!

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Indian off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin bowled Ben Stokes for the 12th time in Test cricket, a record held by no other bowler in the format. Ashwin’s domination over Stokes was on full show once more. Known for his tenacity, Stokes arrived at the crease with England desperately in search of a partnership after India had already lost four wickets for 140 runs and was out by 190 runs in the first innings.

Stokes and Ollie Pope were under pressure to lead the batting and cut the gap, but Ashwin had other ideas. Ashwin hit a brilliantly tossed-up ball on the middle stump, but England was still down by 27 runs. The ball grabbed Stokes’ outside edge and spun hard before smashing into the off-stump.

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Ravichandran Ashwin Stuns Cricket World with Jaw-Dropping Delivery to Send Ben Stokes Packing!

For the twelfth time in Test matches, Ashwin dismissed the England captain, maintaining his hold on him. Despite Stokes’s excellent defensive push and line-covering, Ashwin’s ball was too accurate to defend. Stokes was exhibiting his customarily powerful technique. Ashwin’s continued dismissal of Stokes was evidence of his talent and knowledge of the game.

Every time the two legends face off, it’s a wit-war, with Ashwin frequently coming out on top. With an average of just 19.33 against the Indian off-spinner, Stokes continues to pose a threat to Ashwin’s bowling skills. During the second session of the current Test, veteran off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin produced a stunning delivery that left England captain Ben Stokes upset.

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Stokes ultimately paid the price as Ashwin’s ball pitched and went over his outside edge to clip the off-stump. Stokes appeared dedicated to blocking nearly every delivery. Ben Stokes may have driven the delivery by suppressing the spin by playing a little bit inside the ball’s line, according to replays. Nevertheless, an ordinary off-spinner dismissed Ravichandran Ashwin, who was delighted to secure the huge wicket.

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