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Pakistan Star’s DM to Virat Kohli During Infamous Gambhir Clash Ignites Viral Asia Cup Sensation

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One of the most talked-about episodes of the previous Indian Premier League season was the furious altercation between Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir on the field, which drew criticism from both of the country’s most respected cricket players. Pakistan’s Agha Salman took notice of this incident and sent Kohli a direct message on Instagram, addressing the altercation and expressing his appreciation, albeit he did not reveal any specifics of his message.

During an interview with Islamabad United, Salman alluded to his admiration for Kohli and revealed that the message started with “Virat Bhai,” which was sent following Kohli’s altercation with Gambhir. During the 2023 Asia Cup in Sri Lanka, a viral moment was indirectly caused by the incident and Salman’s speech that followed. A picture of Salman, Kohli, and Shadab Khan giggling together went viral and was later found to be connected to the direct message Salman had sent.

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Salman explained that the reason for the laughter in the picture was that Kohli discovered the message, which he might not have noticed among the thousands of messages he gets. This explanation was made in response to Pakistani batter Imam-ul-Haq’s remarks, which implied that Salman was asking Kohli to “calm down.” Salman advised supporters to ignore this assertion, blaming it on Imam’s propensity for speaking erroneously in the heat of the moment. This intimate look into a moment of friendship behind the scenes provides a window into the relationships that go beyond on-field rivals.

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