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Nepal Cricketer Salary Per Month (In Rupees, US Dollars)

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Nepal’s cricket team has been participating in the Asia Cup for the very first time. However, do you know the average salary of the players whose strength Nepal has tickets to the Asia Cup? What is his income? We all know that there’s money to be made in cricket. However, the glitter of money is different for the players of each cricket team. Nepal Cricketer Salary Per Month for International Matches.

The earnings of an Indian cricketer are in the range of lakhs and crores. However, this is different for cricketers from Nepal. The salary of the Nepali cricketers is lower than the one given to the people of India. Nepal’s team will be playing in the Asia Cup for the first time, and it’s an amazing achievement for them.

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What is the average salary for Nepalese cricketers (In Rupees, US Dollars) for National, International.

Nepal Cricketer Salary Per Month for International Matches

According to Indian currencies, players will receive an ODI of Rs 6286 and Rs 3143 for a T20. If a cricketer earns a salary of Rs. 60000 in Nepal, the value of this is just Rs 37719 in India. In the same way, 50000 Nepali rupees paid as salary decreases to 31412 rupees.

In contrast, Nepali cricketers earn 40000 rupees, equivalent to 25 thousand Indian rupees. The salary of a person employed in a government organization in India is much higher than the amount the Nepalese cricketers receive for one month. Since their pay is equivalent to 5.5 lakh rupees per year.

Nepal Cricketer Salary Per Month (In Rupees, US Dollars)

The cricketers of Nepal cannot even imagine making as much as Indian cricketers. In truth, the salaries of the peons of India are higher than that of the cricketers from Nepal. Are you shocked by what has happened? Don’t be shocked, as this is what’s true. It is evidence to prove it.

This means we are not talking about it in the air. However, there is a solid foundation behind this. The Nepal Cricket Board also enters into annual agreements with its players, including India and other nations. They divide them into three categories and pay them accordingly. But what’s the value of Indian Rupees in terms of? 

Cricketers Grade List Amount in INRAmount in US Dollars
Grade A Rs 60000 reach month$ 724.31
Grade BRs 50,000 each month$ 603.59
Grade CRs 40,000 each month$ 482.87


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