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Is Babar better than Kohli or not?

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Virat Kohli and Babar Azam, the two phenomenal batsmen of cricket in the current times have become a hot topic for discussion for fans. Virat was the captain of the Indian cricket teams and the latter is the captain of Pakistan’s cricket team. Virat started his international cricket career in 2008 against Sri Lanka in ODI, whereas Babar debuted in 2015.

The duo has been a part of a few iconic matches together and stumped the audience with a thrilling competition on the field. India and Pakistan have been arch-rivals for a long time and to see the two on opposite ends is something that one has to witness live. So the blog today will be providing some unknown facts and stats about the two players, Let’s find out whether Babar is better than Kohli or not.

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Is Babar better than Kohli or not?

Virat’s and Babar’s playing history

Virat Kohli had already amassed over 150 appearances in One-Day Internationals before Babar Azam made his debut for Pakistan, Virat had made more than 20 centuries till then. In 2022, Azam emerged as the fastest player, outpacing Kohli, and reached 2,000 ODI runs, achieving the feat in just 47 matches.

Kohli being an experienced player shines through in the test series, with over 100 Test matches and he has a cumulative score of 8416 runs. Kohli’s influence in ODIs was evident as he had 13,000 runs, 8000 runs more than Azam’s total. Virat Kohli’s skills in scoring centuries were recognized early, standing second to the legendary Sachin Tendulkar.

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Who has had more runs in World Cups?

Speaking of ODI World Cups, Virat Kohli has a significant presence being a part of 3 World Cups to date. He has showcased his strength in 26 matches, thereby having a score of 1030 runs in total. Babar’s World Cup journey on the other hand is limited. He had a single appearance in the 2019 edition demonstrating his prowess in 8 matches, with 474 runs in total.

T20I World Cups saw Kohli dominating the field with his impressive tally of 1141 runs in 25 matches that he was a part of in the 4 editions. In contradiction, Babar’s participation in T20I World Cups was not extensive. He featured in 2 tournaments, playing a total of 13 matches, where he scored 427 runs.

ODI World Cups- Stats

PlayerYearTotal MatchesTotal Runs
Virat Kohli2011, 2015, 2019, 2023341573
Babar Azam2019, 202324756

T20 World Cups- Stats

PlayerYearTotal MatchesTotal Runs
Virat Kohli2012, 2016, 2021, 2022251141
Babar Azam2021, 202213427

What are the statistics of the performances of Virat and Babar?

Below is a table charted out for you to have an overall look at the playing stats between the two batsmen in T20 Internationals, Captaincy record, and more.

PlayerMatchesRunsAverageStrike rate100s50s
Virat Kohli1154,00852.73137.96137
Babar Azam1043,48541.49128.41330

Babar Azam vs Virat Kohli record in ODI as captains

Babar as Pakistan’s T20I captain in 2019, demonstrated consistency which was seen as a result of a total of 2,195 runs in 71 matches. During this course, he was able to achieve 3 centuries and 20 half-centuries. This stunning portrayal of him positioned him as a key figure in the team’s batting lineup.

Virat Kohli was given the responsibility to take over the Indian Cricket team for T20Is in 2017. Before his retirement as a captain in 2021, Kohli made sure his batting remained his identity, amassing 1,570 runs in 50 matches as T20I captain. Check out the table below for both of them that states the numbers as captains.

Virat ParticularsBabar
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