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Highest Paid IPL Umpires: How much do umpires earn?

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Complete Details Of Umpire Salaries in IPL: The sixteenth season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) kicked off recently in Dimakh. Batsmen hit fours and sixes while bowlers are taking wickets. Before starting their IPL careers, many players bid in crores at auctions; all this attention from sports fans. But have you ever asked how much umpires get paid per match? Perhaps you would be amazed to know some are paid lakhs! So check here Highest Paid IPL Umpires.

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Umpires in IPL are split into two groups; those with experience and skill are placed in an elite group, while other umpires fall under the general category. Umpires in the elite group are paid a salary of Rs 1 Lakh 98 Thousand for every match; additionally, they receive a stipend of Rs 12,500 per match.

Umpire Salary in IPL

Umpires play an essential part in ensuring the success of IPL by overseeing games fairly and impartially. Here we explore their salary in IPL, the grades they hold, and the sponsorship they may receive.

There are two grades of IPL umpires – Elite Panel and Development Umpires. Elite Panel umpires are top-ranked officials responsible for officiating the most high-profile matches during IPL. Meanwhile, Development Umpires are relatively inexperienced officials being trained up as potential future Elite Panel umpires.

Highest Paid IPL Umpires: How much do umpires earn?

Indian Premier League Details

Name of Sport Organizer Board Of Control for Cricket in India(BCCI)
Tournament NameIndian Premier League Season-16
First Edition 2008
Number of teams12
Current ChampionChennai Super Kings (CSK)

Salary of Elite Panel Umpires

The basic salary of Elite Panel umpires has increased substantially from last season when they received Rs1, 75,000 as their base pay. They also receive a daily allowance of Rs12, 500 per match they officiate which covers travel and accommodation costs; earning as much as Rs40 lakhs during IPL season!

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Salary of Development Umpires

Development Umpires currently receive a base salary of Rs59,000. This represents an increase from last season when they received Rs40,000 as their basic pay. Unfortunately, no daily allowance is paid as they do not officiate in every match of the IPL; but, they will receive training and mentoring from Elite Panel umpires to enhance their skills and prepare them for future promotions.

Anil Chaudhary₹198k₹733k
C. Shamshuddin₹198k₹733k
Christopher Gaffaney₹198k₹733k
Nitin Menon₹198k₹733k
Paul Reiffel₹198k₹733k
Richard Illingworth₹198k₹733k
S. Ravi₹198k₹733k
Ulhas Gandhe₹198k₹733k
Vineet Kulkarni₹198k₹733k
Anil Dandekar₹59k₹733k
K Srinivasan₹59k₹733k
Pashchim Pathak₹59k₹733k
Virender Sharma₹59k₹733k
Yashwant Barde₹59k₹733k

Sponsorship for IPL Umpires

Alongside their salaries, IPL umpires also enjoy sponsorship from various companies. Paytm was the official sponsor for umpires during season 14; each umpire received an amount equal to Rs7,33,000 as an end-of-season payout compared with only receiving Rs5,000 per match during previous seasons of IPL play as sponsorship payments.

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How Much Do IPL Umpires Earn?

Highest Paid IPL Umpires: How much do umpires earn?

Contract Salary of Umpires:

Umpires’ contracted salary depends on their experience and performance in matches. High-level referees earn an IPL match fee of approximately $3k, while novice umpires charge only a $700 fee per match fee.


Many companies provide sponsorship deals for umpires to increase their salaries; each referee’ will earn Rs733k after each tournament thanks to these sponsorship agreements compared with last year.

Qualifiers Bonuses:

Umpires who make it through to qualifying matches receive extra pay; only elite umpires will be selected, not beginners.

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Highest Paid IPL Umpires

Elite category umpires are the highest-paid umpires in IPL, with salaries estimated to reach Rs198k per match.


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