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Dream11 Owner Name, How to Make Team, Customer care Number, More

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Do you want to create your own team and apply your rules to play the game? Some of these things failed when this app first hit the market. And this is none other than Dream XI which is an online fantasy sports platform. Otherwise, it can be called a gambling game because real money is involved in playing with the team. Check Dream11 Owner Name, How to Make Team, Customer Care Number, and more

However, Dream Eleven currently has a high market value and is highly valued. Playing this game requires a lot of judgment. Because here you have to think about which player is playing which game. Whether you take him in the team will be your gain or your loss. However, Dream Eleven has managed to gain a lot of popularity in recent years.

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Dream11 Owner Name, How to Make Team, Customer Care No.
Dream11 Owner Name

Dream11 Owner Name

NicknameNot Available
Date of Birth 1986
Age35 Years
Birth placeMumbai
Education and schoolSevenoaks High School, England
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania
Columbia Business School, Columbia University, to pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Height1.70 m
WeightNot Available
Family Details Father Name: Anand Jain, Mother Name: Sushma Jain, Sister Name: Neha Jain, Wife Name:  Rachana Shah Jain, Son Name: Krish

Harsh Jain, the son of famous Indian businessman Anand Jain, founded Dream Eleven in 2008. But Harsh is not alone here with Bhavit Sheth as his partner. The duo had a dream in mind and in 2012 they teamed up with Fantasy Sports to impress Indian cricket fans with the Dream XI. Amazingly by 2014, it registered one million users. And the number of users reached 2 million in 2016 and 45 million in 2018.

Dream11 Owner Name, How to Make Team, Customer Care No.

How to Make a Team?

Dream11 is a popular fantasy sports platform where you can create your own virtual teams using real-life players. Also, earn points based on their performance in actual matches. Here are the steps to make a team on Dream11-

  • Sign up for an account on Dream11 and select the match you want to play.
  • You will be given a virtual budget to create your team. Choose the players you want to include in your team based on their recent form, fitness, and other relevant factors.
  • Each player in your team will be assigned a specific point value. Ensure that the total value of your team doesn’t exceed the virtual budget allocated to you.
  • Choose a captain and a vice-captain. The captain will gain two times extra points. On the other hand, the vice-captain will reach 1.5 times points.
  • Once you have created your team, save it and join a contest to compete with other players on the platform.
  • Monitor the performance of the players in your team during the actual match and earn points based on their performance.

Customer care Number

The Dream11 app has a Help & Support section where you can find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs). If you can’t find the answer to your query, you can click on the “Contact Us” button and submit a request to the Dream11 customer care team.

Also, You can also email your queries to Dream11 customer care at support@dream11.com. Meanwhile, Dream11 does not have a dedicated customer care phone number. However, you can send a request to the customer care team through the Dream11 app or email, and they will assist you as soon as possible.

How to install and play?

  • Download the Dream11 app: You can download the Dream11 app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  • Register on Dream11: Once you have downloaded the app, you will need to register on Dream11 using your mobile number or email address.
  • Select a match: Once registered, you can select a match from the list of upcoming matches available on the Dream11 app.
  • Create your team: After selecting a match, you can create your own team of players from both teams, keeping in mind the player credits and team combination rules.
  • Join a contest: Once you have created your team, you can join a contest by paying the entry fee. Dream11 proposes a mixture of competitions with additional entry costs and award charges.
  • Follow the match: Once the match starts, you can track your team’s performance on the Dream11 app and keep an eye on your rank in the contest.
  • Win prizes: If your team performs well, you can win cash prizes or other rewards based on the contest’s prize pool.

Tips by Anurag Dwivedi:

Anurag Dwivedi is a popular fantasy sports expert who has won several contests on Dream11. Here are some Dream11 tips shared by Anurag Dwivedi-

Dream11 Owner Name, How to Make Team, Customer Care No.
  • Analyze player statistics and recent form
  • Choose the right captain and vice-captain
  • Stay updated with team news and injuries
  • Pick players from both teams
  • Avoid making last-minute changes
  • Join small or private contests


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