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CPL 2023 Prize Money: How many winners will get?

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The Caribbean Premier League has been maintained since 2013. And just like other leagues, the prize money is given to the winners in the company. The purpose of awarding prize money is to further encourage winners to win. This prize money is given not only to win the title but also to honor them. Check here CPL 2023 Prize Money: How many winners will get?

The prize money has increased slightly from the previous CPL. Since the event has been going on for so many years, the prize money has gone up a bit in the past few years. Not only that, it has been replaced as the premier T20 tournament in the Caribbean. Without further ado let’s see what Cpl’s prize money is being offered.

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CPL 2023 Prize Money: How many winners will get?

First of all the prize money for 2023, CPL has not been announced yet. So it is expected that the prize money which was in 2022 is kept in 2023. However, let me tell you that the total amount deposited for the winner’s prize money is 2.16 million. From this total, the winners are awarded their prize money each year.

CPL 2023 Prize Money: How many winners will get?

According to this condition, the prize of 1 million dollars is given to those who will be the first to win. Not only that, the winners along with the runners-up i.e. the runners-up were awarded $660,000. Additionally, $250,000 in prize money is reserved for those who can win the third position.

Similarly, $100,000 is kept as prize money for the fourth-place finishers. Then there is a prize money called Player’s Prize money where they are awarded $150,000. Not only that, there is a prize money of $5000 for the person who hits the most sixes from any team throughout the season. As there is still no news about the prize money in CPL 2023 it is expected that the prize money will remain the same.

CPL Previous Season Prize Money Details
Champions $1 million
3rd Place$250,000
4th Place$100,000
Players Prize Money$150,000
Cash Prizes (Longest Six)$5,000
Total Prize Money$2.16 Million


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