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Geno Smith Contract Breakdown in 2024: What is Stats and Contract in NFL of Geno Smith?

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Before the 2022 NFL season, the Seahawks took a risk by starting Geno Smith as quarterback. It certainly paid off, as Smith—despite being among the NFL’s lowest-paid starters—was able to guide Seattle to the postseason. Afterward, the Seahawks increased their commitment to Smith during the 2023 offseason. They extended his contract for several years, putting him in a position to more than triple his career income in 2023 alone. Here is Geno Smith Contract in 2024, how much get in NFL 2024.

Although Smith profited greatly from being able to get in on his best-ever campaign, the Seahawks included a safeguard in the agreement to keep themselves safe. After the 2023 season, Seattle can terminate Smith’s contract if it so chooses. That could rely on how well the 33-year-old quarterback plays in the final stretch and whether the squad can make a postseason run.

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NameEugene Cyril Smith III 
Nick name
Born10 October 1990
Age 33 years
Place of birthMiami, Florida, United States
Current teamSeattle Seahawks
Dates joined15 May 2019 
College West Virginia
Height1.91 m
Weight100 kg
ParentsGeno Smith Jr., Tracey Sellers

Geno Smith Contract in 2024

During the 2023 NFL offseason, Smith was signed by the Seahawks to a three-year contract worth up to $75 million. When Smith accepted the deal, he became one of the few quarterbacks in the NFL’s middle class, with a respectable $40 million in promised money.

Geno Smith Contract in 2024: What is the Contract in NFL?

As previously stated, the Seahawks may easily opt out of their Smith contract if they look for a QB improvement. The team can remove Smith to free up about $13.8 million in cap room in the 2024 offseason if it wishes to save cash against the salary cap.


Base salary: $1.2 million

Workout bonus: $200,000

Cap number: $10.1 million


Base salary: $12.7 million

Roster bonus: $9.6 million

Workout bonus: $200,000

Cap number: $31.2 million


Base salary: $14.8 million

Roster bonus: $10 million

Workout bonus: $200,000

Cap number: $33.7 million

What is the Stats of Geno Smith?

Smith’s new contract with the Seahawks was announced as a three-year agreement for up to $105 million during the summer. The agreement’s specifics revealed that the team was still unsure about him being their long-term quarterback choice. Smith belongs to the category of mediocre performers. There has been a noticeable decline in his completion percentage (65.4) and passing yards every game (234.9).

Out of 28 quarterbacks who have appeared in at least eight games, he has tied for 19th place with 12 touchdown passes. The season began with the Seahawks winning five of their first six games. If they win ten matches or qualify for the playoffs, Smith will be eligible to get one of his $2 million escalators. Therefore, it appears that Smith will still be performing in Seattle in 2024.

  • Passing attempts: 1,980
  • Passing completions: 1,250
  • Completion percentage: 63.1%
  • TD–INT: 79–57
  • Passing yards: 14,117
  • Passer rating: 85.7

Contract in NFL of Geno Smith

Geno Smith, the quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, may make a lot more money than the $25 million starting salary of his three-year, $75 million contract if he puts up a good enough performance following his Comeback Player of the Year campaign. These are not the same as incentive bonuses, such as the $3.5 million Smith received on his one-year contract during the previous season.

This is an important distinction because, unlike Smith, who was guaranteed that money as soon as he met the requirements for those incentives, Smith would need to stay on Seattle’s roster until the bonus deadline to benefit from whatever escalators he earned in 2023 and 2024.


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